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Kills Chrome Tabs

(but not really)

Really, it's for people with 8 billion tabs open and can't find what they're looking for because they never close tabs for some reason...

Why did we make this?

Well there's this person that we know who will go unnamed (Ray Hernandez), that always has 100s of browser tabs open in multiple windows everyday. It's so bad that he would lose track of what he has open, not be able to find what he was looking for, and then just open another tab to find it. It was bad.

So we knew there had to be a solution for this unnamed person. We realized that if we could see the titles of all the tabs, we'd be able to quickly find the tab we were looking for. So opened up sketch, mocked up a sexy menu bar app, worked with a developer to make some magic, and bing bang boom MACHETE was born.

Machete is still very BETA! It's got some problems, but don't we all? We like to get things out in the world, and let the world rip us a new one, rather than making sure everything is perfect.

Here's what we know is a bit wonky so far, but please send us a quick note if you find any other funkiness along the way.

Search can be a lil cray cray. If you open the app, start typing it seems to be working fine. But if you click around on a tab or two, then make your way back to the search box, you may see a beautiful colorful pinwheel. We think we have an idea of what's up there, and we'll have a new version out asap.
If you're a big pimpin baller, and have multiple monitors it may not always bring that tab you select forward. Currently it will select that tab in the window it's in, but sometimes it doesn't make it the active window.
Speaking of windows, if you have a window behind another window, it wont currently bring that window to the front, but again it does make that tab active on that window. I know it's weird, we're having fun figuring out that bug.
Other than those items above, the app does what a person like Ray, I mean unnamed, needs. If you have a bunch of tabs open, open up machete, tap on the one you're looking for and shablaminy! There it is.

Currently it's CHROME ONLY. That doesn't mean we hate Firefox, or Safari, it just means we're lazy, and we haven't gotten to it yet. Stop yelling at us, it's on the list.

We hope you like it! We hope Danny Trejo likes it, and we really hope that Richard Rodriguez and all the fine folks at 20th Century Studios don't sue us! WE LOVE THE MOVIE!

If you do find a bug please click below to let us know.

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